Friday, May 22, 2015

IC Insights: Sharp CIS Sales Surge

IC Insights posts its updated list of top 20 semiconductor companies. This time, Sharp has entered the list as #19. IC Insight writes: "Although Sharp as a whole is having a difficult time, its semiconductor group, which represents only about 14% of the company’s corporate sales, posted a whopping 62% growth rate (an 88% increase in yen), the best 1Q15 sales increase of any top-20 semiconductor supplier. This sales surge was almost entirely due to the company’s success in the CMOS image sensor market."

Update: Sharp's medium term management plan dated by May 14, 2015, reveals quite ambitious plans over the next few years:

The company notes: "Sharp has the leading share in the industry for smartphone camera devices, but since specific customers weight a large proportion of our business, we will aggressively work to expand our sales to new customers, and target 3 times the net sales of Fiscal 2014 by Fiscal 2017."


  1. which phone use Sharp image sensor?

  2. Sharp is listed as the No. 3 supplier of camera modules. It appears than most of these devices use image sensors from other suppliers, however they have recently announced their own image sensors such as the 12MP/4K video sensor last year.


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