Tuesday, May 12, 2015

ST Explores Its Options with Imaging Business

ST has held a 2015 Analyst Day today. The company says it's exploring options to cut losses at its Digital Product Group (DPG), a division that makes image sensors among other products. "This problem needs to be fixed and we will fix it," says CEO Carlo Bozotti (SeekingAlpha).

Meanwhile, DPG presentation says that ST imaging business is focusing on specialized image sensors and proximity sensors, while winding down commodity imaging products:

In spite of the option explorations, the manufacturing presentation talks about imaging and the 3D roadmap:

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  1. I'm very suprised to see in 2015 a manager of such high tech company starting to say " Business as usual is no longer an option.." . this is already what other sectors and high tech companies have in their mind or base line since several years !! the problem here is probably much bigger than that , I agree... but having your mind already opened for new opportunities out of your "usual" box, specially in the Imaging devices and semiconductor market, is probably a first good & affordable weapon in this war, isn't it ?!?...


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