Friday, March 11, 2016

MEMS Drive and OPPO Joint PR

PRWeb: MEMS Drive and OPPO come up with a joint press release on their MEMS-based SmartSensor, the first image sensor-based image stabilizer for smartphones, also said to be the industry’s first sub-pixel-level optical image stabilizer.

While VCM smartphone cameras are limited to shake compensation on just two axes of movement, the new MEMS-based approach compensates for motion on three axes. This additional degree of mobility is said to vastly outperform traditional OIS technologies for smartphones, because it is faster – compensating for vibrations in 15 ms compared to 50 ms for lens-based technologies – and more accurate, and it allows for significantly lower power consumption.

MEMS Drive was founded to develop and advance the field of MEMS OIS technology for smartphone cameras. “The collaboration with OPPO has been very successful. The fact that OPPO is taking such an active role in co-developing this technology with MEMS Drive is accelerating our roadmap, and will ultimately come to benefit smartphone users sooner,” said Colin Kwan, CEO and founder of MEMS Drive.

OPPO recognized that the MEMS Drive OIS actuator could vastly improve the end users’ camera experience. We therefore decided to invest in MEMS Drive and to co-develop the SmartSensor image stabilizer, and bring yet another significant advance in smartphone technology to market,” said King Liu, VP of Product Development at OPPO.

The advantages of MEMS Drive OIS are:
  • 3 Axis stabilization: pitch, yaw and roll
  • Fast (MEMS advantage)
  • Low power consumption
  • High precision
  • Built-in 2 Axis accelerometer
  • Compatible with any existing AF, shutter and Zoom actuators
  • 3D capture
  • Super resolution

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  1. The Chinese company OPPO in recent MWC presentation didn't mention MEMS at all, as if done completely independently. Other commentators pointed out the work done at MEMS, Apple etc.
    US companies, beware.


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