Saturday, March 12, 2016

Samsung S5K2L1 ISOCELL vs Sony IMX260 Comparison

Phonearena quotes Finnish-language Taskumuro site making an unscientific comparison of Samsung Galaxy S7 equipped with Sony IMX260 and Samsung S5K2L1 dual-pixel AF sensors. One can judge the differences on real-life subjects with HDR mode off (many more pictures on the original site):

Sony sensor, click & download for full resolution
Samsung sensor, click & download for full resolution

More PhoneArena thoughts on the comparison is here.


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  2. more details on sony's sensor, but both shows purple fringing on top-right corner of 1st set pictures(the branches). I wonder this is related with PD isolation? or just the reason of larger F#.

    1. There is a picture on the original site (first one with pump mostly the sony one) where you can see the branches in the top right corner fringe blue/purple in front and green behind the point of focus which would point to this being longitudal chromatic aberration from the wider aperture.

    2. two sensors perform quite different, sony's is only have this problem on very corner. But Samsung's is getiing worse all the way to the corner, I wonder they did have difference on microlens or other parts.

  3. Both sensors doing aa great job bt sony has a big appareture so winner is sony


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