Friday, March 25, 2016

On Chip CMOS Vision Systems for High-Speed Applications Thesis

Seville University, Spain publishes "On Chip CMOS Vision Systems for High-Speed Applications" PhD Thesis by Francisco Jose Jimenez Garrido, dated by Oct. 2015 and devoted to smart sensors with fast in-pixel processing:


  1. Hi there, I'm not sure why this was posted here. Anafocus have been promoting their QEye chips for some time but are so protective of t heir IP that they wont do business with anyone. I called their representatives in Japan and Spain to try to obtain more information about the device and even purchase a development kit but they never came through. They make astonishing claims about the frame rates of their sensors but you try getting hold of one! I found them to be very difficult to deal with. They promised to email an NDA for me to sign but they never did. Impossible doing business with them. I gave up in the end. Has anyone had a more positive experience with them? I would love to hear it.

  2. Hello.

    Sorry for the bad experience trying to contact us. With your help, we will sort out what happened to make sure it is solved quickly and your expression of interest satisfied.

    I can confirm you that there are several success stories where this device managed to solve vision applications more effectively than with standard technologies. Some of them resulted into commercial products (inspection equipment) where this vision sensor to solves at high-speed complex vision tasks.

    In addition to these specialised OEM products, there is a small and standard smart camera sold by Toshiba-Teli ( using this technology. The sales kit includes a variety of pre-programmed application cases; please check.

    In any case, please, write us back to catch-up with the NDA process.

    Rafael Romay.


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