Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Future of Mobile Imaging

Engadget publishes an article "The future of the smartphone camera: where next?" There are no big revelations in the list of innovations:
  • Augmented reality
  • Dual-lens cameras
  • Better lenses
  • 4K recording
  • Thermal imaging
  • Optical zoom
  • 360 video
Meanwhile, Strategy Analytics sees mobile imaging future in 3D cameras:

"Sales of 3D Imaging smartphones are poised to take off. Advanced security and Augmented Reality (AR) solutions will be the main drivers. We predict that 3D Imaging will see over 1700% growth during next six years and will become one of the key differentiators in higher-end smartphones."

On the other hand, analysts do not give a significance to other stuff:
  • No interest in Visible Light Communication (VLC, LiFi)
  • No higher resolution push. 41MP in old Nokia phones remains the world's record forever
  • No high speed imaging future. Sony Xperia 960fps camera does not attract analysts attention


  1. The title recalled my memory of a review paper by JPL ten years ago, similar to future of image sensor...

  2. It's scary when people in the industry become fuddy duddies and stop innovating and exploring new ideas.
    That's what has happed to smartphoe photography.
    The l16 Light Camera is therefore a huge beacon of hope in trying to break this deadlock of closed minds.

    I also have a few ideas regarding the future of smartphone photography, but I guess I need to lpok for the roghtteam to collaborate with to bring those ideas to life.

    1. Calm down, please! IMHO these listed innovations should be beefed up and become everyday items before publicly talking about new ideas. I guess there exist a lot of new ideas already, but why develop them when there isn't even a reasonable market for the existing proposals? -dkf


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