Wednesday, July 05, 2017

IEEE Chip Hall of Fame: Kodak KAF-1300 CCD

IEEE Spectrum publishes an article in Chip Hall of Fame series on 1991 1.3MP Kodak CCD KAF-1300 used in $25,000 DCS 100 camera:

At the time, 1 megapixel was a magic number,” says Eric Stevens, the chip’s lead designer. The chip—a true two-phase CCD—became the basis for future CCD sensors, helping to kick-start the digital photography revolution. What, by the way, was the very first photo made with the KAF-1300? “Uh,” says Stevens, “we just pointed the sensor at the wall of the laboratory.

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  1. I love how this was integrated into an F3. Owning one, they are pretty much built like a brick, especially the HP version. The base plate could literally be used to hit a nail home.


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