Thursday, August 31, 2017

Teledyne DALSA Introduces WLP to its LWIR Imaging Platform

Teledyne DALSA demonstrates its Wafer-Level-Packaged (WLP) 320 x 240 Vanadium Oxide microbolometer. Why is it such a big deal? The vacuum packaging cost is a major contributor to the micorbolometer imager price and its reduction is a breakthrough for the whole industry.

The company says: "Our novel wafer-level packaging (WLP) approach to microbolometer manufacturing in an optimized MEMS infrastructure gives us the ability to dramatically alter the traditional price-performance tradeoff.

Our advanced capabilities in wafer processing allows us to bond multiple 200 mm wafers precisely in a 3D stack that eliminates the need for external chip packaging--packaging which can account for 75% or more of device cost.

By stacking a cap wafer, using world-leading vacuum sealing technology, onto a CMOS high-speed readout circuit (ROIC) wafer populated with VOx pixels, we deliver smaller, lighter devices with leading edge performance and game-changing lower costs, enabling compact detectors with advanced integrated features that will drive the next phase in the evolution of uncooled IR imaging.


  1. As I know, ULIS has already processed WLP and it started PLP(Pixel Level Packaging) which is better than WLP. In addition, ULIS already has 12um Sensor aka. Atto320.

  2. Wonder what the window for the WLP is...or for the Pixel level package...if it is Si...well, losing a buncha photons...and bandwidth.


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