Thursday, August 02, 2018

Toyota 2nd Generation ADAS Changes Sensor from ON Semi to Sony

Nikkei: The second generation of "Toyota Safety Sense" (TSS2) ADAS switches to Sony image sensors in its monocular camera. The TSS2 was launched in 2018. The automatic braking function of the TSS2 (one of the main functions of the system) now can detect pedestrians at night. The new low light functionality is said to be enabled by higher DR of Sony sensors and by multiple image combination to increase signal.


  1. Which Sony sensor is this ?

  2. " can detect pedestrians at night."

    As if it could not before in ONSEMI sensors. Pretty bad advertisement for ONSEMI.

  3. Very misleading post, Sony competition sensors offer such low light features and high DR for a while. Sony seems deseperate to enter into automotive business and use this type of publicity to show its competitors bad. Automotive customers are not naive.


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