Monday, September 10, 2018

Himax Rebukes Motley Fool

GlobeNewsWire: Himax responds "to a false and misleading article, Why Himax Technologies Is Struggling, published by Motley Fool, an online stock commentary blog, dated September 6, 2018. The article has subsequently been picked up by major public portals such as Nasdaq, Yahoo Finance, etc, and spread out in the investor community. The Company cautions investors that the Motley Fool article contains false and misleading information."

The original Motley Fool article has been removed, as of now, but Yahoo Finance still has its copy. The article speculates that Himax 3D imaging initiatives will not be successful in the long run and questions whether Himax WLO would stay in the next iPhone 3D camera.

The company responds: "Himax expects its WLO shipment to its anchor customer will increase substantially throughout the second half of this year and represent significant growth versus 2H17 and sequentially, versus the first half of 2018. Contributing to its growth expectations, Himax citied its strong pipeline of new WLO R&D projects with the anchor customer and other tier-1 customers.

For Android smartphones, Himax also believes its recently announced Active Stereo Camera (ASC) 3D sensing solution, jointly developed with MediaTek and Megvii for mass market models, and the Qualcomm/Himax jointly developed structured light 3D sensing solution for high end smartphone models will facilitate a broader adoption of 3D sensing on Android smartphones during 2019. The Company targets to begin 3D sensing product shipment towards the end of the year or early 2019 with major ramp in 2019.

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  1. The original article seems to be there. I haven't compared to see if there have been any edits relative to the Yahoo article.


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