Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Image Sensors Americas Final Agenda

Image Sensors Americas 2018 is to be held on October 11-12 in San Francisco, CA. The final agenda includes much many image sensor presentations than has been announced initially:
  • Key Challenges of Image Sensors for ADAS and ADS
    Ronald Mueller | CEO of Vision Markets of Associate Consultant of Smithers Apex
  • NASA Keynote Presentation | Image Sensors for Aerospace
    Shouleh Nikzad | Senior Research Scientist of NASA
  • The M&A and Funding Landscape for Image Sensor Companies
    Rudy Burger | Managing Partner of Woodside Capital Partners
  • State of the Art Uncooled InGaAs Short Wave Infrared Sensors
    Martin H. Ettenberg | President of Princeton Infrared Technologies
  • Super-Wide-Angle Cameras- The Next Smartphone Frontier Enabled by Miniature Lens Design and the Latest Sensors
    Patrice Roulet Fontani | Vice President,Technology and Co-Founder of ImmerVision
  • Integrated Photonics Technology: Driving the Evolution of Novel Image Sensors for LiDAR and THz imaging
    Bert Gyselinckx | Vice President & General Manager of Imec
  • SPAD vs. CMOS Image Sensor Design Challenges – Jitter vs. Noise
    Daniel Van Blerkom | CTO & Co-Founder of Forza Silicon
  • sCMOS Technology: The Most Versatile Imaging Tool in Science
    Scott Metzler | PCO Tech
  • Toward Monolithic Image Perception Devices (MIPD).
    Guy Paillet | co-Founder & CEO of General Vision Inc.
  • From The Outside In
    Richard Neumann | CEO of Sub2R
  • Using Depth Sensing Cameras for 3D Eye Tracking Sensing
    Kenneth Funes Mora | CEO and Co-founder of Eyeware
  • SPAD Arrays for LiDAR Applications
    Wade Appelman | VP of Sales and Marketing of SensL Technologies
  • Super High Sensitivity CMOS Image Sensors Technologies
    Eiichi Funatsu | Senior Director of OmniVision
  • Future Image Sensors for SLAM and Indoor 3D Mapping
    Vitaliy Goncharuk | CEO/Founder of Augmented Pixels
  • How to Keep Your Next Winning Sensor Design From Being Stifled By Your Test Strategy: Bench Testing v Automated Test Equipment
    Lauren Guajardo | Field Applications Engineering Leader of Teradyne
  • Future Trends in Imaging Beyond the Mobile Market
    Amos Fenigstein | Senior Director of R&D for Image Sensors of TowerJazz
  • Photon-Counting Imaging with Quanta Image Sensor for Scientific and Consumer Applications
    Jiaju Ma | CTO of Gigajot


  1. What happens to IISW 2019? Any update?

    1. http://imagesensors.org/2019-international-image-sensor-workshop/


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