Thursday, September 27, 2018

RED 16x8K 60fps Super 35mm Sensors VR Camera

RED introduces a camera for shooting immersive 360 degree VR content featuring 16 fish eye cameras with 8K 60fps Super 35mm Helium sensor each (active area 29.9 x 15.77mm2, 3.65um pixels).

Thanks to AL for the pointer!


  1. 8k means about 35MP, *60 fps= 2GPix/s, * 16 = very much... I did not know Smtpe 304m. Is this transmission standard really capable of this datarates? How are the receivers dealing with this datarate (or which receivers are used)?

  2. Let me get this straight, by multiplying the numbers:
    16 cameras
    7680x4320 resolution
    2 bytes per pixel
    60 FPS
    ~60 GByte/s uncompressed data rate

    They probably compress it. Keeping it raw but storing without bit boundaries would be 37GB/s. How much can you compress without loosing quality and having your scene remain sharp for post processing?

  3. Great question. Compression before transmission might be problematic for any subsequent computer vision process (which they do for the 3D reconstruction). Maybe data is stored locally per-camera and then copied sequentially later?

  4. Oh, and I just learned that the current price for a single RED helium 8K S35 sensor is around 25k...?

  5. Apparently they use five external 12G SDI connections for "monitoring" and "3rd party stitching"


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