Wednesday, October 23, 2019

LiDAR News: Velodyne, Sense Photonics

BusinessWire: Hyundai Mobis invests $50M to Velodyne for development of level 3 autonomous vehicle. Hyundai Mobis and Velodyne plan to commercialize their first lidar system for level 3 autonomous driving in 2021 by this partnership. The two companies will mark the start by supplying the system to the Asian market and will gradually expand to automakers in North America and Europe.

Velodyne company presentation is published on Youtube:

PRNewswire: IDTechEx counts 106 LiDAR companies:

"The coverage of IDTechEx's research is global and includes 34 players headquartered in Asia, 19 players headquartered in Europe, 48 players headquartered in North America and five players headquartered in the rest of the world (ROW)."

PRNewswire: While flash LiDARs are supposed to be a simpler and cheaper alternative to the mechanically scanning ones, Sense Photonics products are not exactly cheap: "Individual units are priced at $2,900 plus shipping, with first shipments scheduled to begin during the first quarter of 2020.

The Sense units deliver angular resolution of 0.27 degrees both horizontally and vertically, and can be configured to achieve an outdoor range of up to 40 meters (depending on model). Coupled with a vertical FOV of up to 75 degrees.

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  1. On the SenseP's device - The performance is quite disappointing. They said OPA had problems with the range and simple flash had laser power/range issues. So they sprayed the whole FoV with thousand of VCSELs.. and came up with this - 40m range at 0.27deg resolution at $3K price tag. Have you guys realized/tested that 0.27deg resolution at 40m gives you no clarity of a target? Maybe, at 20-25m you can recognize some stuff.

    Utterly disappointing that "good team" can still fool investors by promising 200m automotive range and delivering industrial 40m range.


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