Thursday, October 24, 2019

SmartSens Announces LED Flicker Suppression Technology for Automotive Applications

PRNewswire: SmartSens announces the release of its proprietary LED Flicker Suppression (LFS) technology. With this technology, SmartSens' CMOS sensors can effectively mitigate the dangers that often accompany LED flicker, making AI-enabled ADAS and Autonomous Vehicles much safer than before.

While various CMOS manufacturers have introduced their own solutions to this issue, SmartSens has opted for a more distinct approach, innovatively using its proprietary QCell technology to effectively mitigate LED flickering. Beyond simply solving the LED flicker issue, this solution has the added benefit of increasing a sensor's sensitivity and dynamic range, making it ideal for dim or fluctuating lighting situations, such as the openings of carports and tunnels.

"LED Flicker Suppression is a feature that all automotive CMOS sensors should possess, but is in fact not so easy to achieve," remarked SmartSens CMO Chris Yiu. "In the future, CMOS sensors that SmartSens produces for the automotive electronics market will all come equipped with LFS technology, upgrading our clients' systems to be much more adaptable – and safer."

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