Saturday, March 12, 2022

GPixel Announces High Speed Line Scanning Sensor

Gpixel announces GL7008, an 8K resolution line scan CMOS image sensor with 200kHz line rate.
GL7008 is designed for lithium battery testing, PCB inspection, sorting, label inspection and other industrial applications requiring high speed scanning at 8k resolution. With the addition of GL7008, Gpixel’s GL product family now offers 2k, 4k, 8k and 16k resolutions with pixel sizes ranging from 3.5 μm to 7 μm, satisfying the needs of a broad range of high-speed scanning applications.

GL7008 uses 7 μm square pixel achieving a full well capacity of more than 10 ke- and reads out its 8192 horizontal pixels with a readout noise lower than 7 e-. On-chip automatic dark pixel correction improves the linearity and uniformity of the sensor output. The angle response is optimized in the horizontal direction and provides response greater than 85% of the maximum for light incident at 20 degrees from normal. The sensor’s 12-bit ADC transmits data over 25 pairs of LVDS at line rates up to 200 kHz.

GL7008 is offered in both color and monochrome versions. The monochrome sensor supports single and dual line modes with optimal sensitivity. The color sensor supports 3-line true color and 4-line RGBW multispectral output. The exposure time of each line can be individually adjusted by an external trigger, enabling on-chip color balancing. The line spacing of the sensor is equivalent to the pixel size to satisfy the requirements of line frequency matching.

At full speed, the power consumption of GL7008 is around 4W. The sensor adopts a COB package with WCu heat sink for optimal heat dissipation during high-speed scanning.




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