Thursday, March 17, 2022

In the News: Week of March 14, 2022

China COVID spike may affect image sensor supply

Digitimes Asia reports: "A spike in COVID-19 cases in Hong Kong and other Chinese cities is disrupting handset CMOS image sensor (CIS) shipments, as well as deliveries of related modules and other devices, according to industry sources." [source]

Luminous Computing Appoints Michael Hochberg as President

EETimes reports: "Luminous Computing, a machine learning systems company based in California, announced today the appointment of Michael Hochberg as president. Hochberg will lead engineering and operations at Luminous to develop what the company claims is the world’s most powerful artificial intelligence (AI) supercomputer to market, driven by silicon photonics technology. [source]


James Webb Telescope Camera Outperforming Expectations  

NASA reports: "On March 11, the Webb team completed the stage of alignment known as “fine phasing.” At this key stage in the commissioning of Webb’s Optical Telescope Element, every optical parameter that has been checked and tested is performing at, or above, expectations. The team also found no critical issues and no measurable contamination or blockages to Webb’s optical path. The observatory is able to successfully gather light from distant objects and deliver it to its instruments without issue." [source]

DSLR Confusion

Poking fun at a recent NYPost shopping guide on "Best DSLRs" list that contains mirrorless cameras, PetaPixel reports: "People Have No Idea What a DSLR Actually Is" [source] 

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