Thursday, June 23, 2022

Chronoptics compares depth sensing methods

In a blog post titled "Comparing Depth Cameras: iToF Versus Active Stereo" Refael Whyte of Chronoptics compares depth reconstructions from their indirect time-of-flight (iToF) "KEA" camera with active stereo using an Intel RealSense D435 sensor.


Setup used for comparisons

Bin picking

Pallet picking

Depth data can also be overlaid on RGB to get colored point cloud visualizations. KEA provides much cleaner-looking results:



They show some limitations too. In this scene the floor has very low reflectivity in IR so the KEA camera struggles to collect enough photons there:


[PS: I wish all companies showed "failure cases" as part of their promotional materials!]

Full article here:


  1. Indeed Kudos to the author for showing failure cases too.

  2. I'm always flattered when other vendors are comparing their cameras with Realsense. especially when they are trying their best to downgrade RS

  3. This failure case just ruled out this camera from many realistic scenarios...


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