Monday, June 20, 2022

Recent Image Sensor Videos

Sony presents "Advantages of Large Format Global Shutter and Rolling Shutter Image Sensor"

onsemi presents their CMOS image sensor layer structure consisting of a microlens array, color filter array, photodiode, pixel transistors, bond layer and ASIC:

Newsight presents its enhanced time-of-flight technology for depth sensing:

And finally a cute cat video to wrap it up: Samsung's new 200 megapixel ISOCELL image sensor promotional video:


  1. it is funny to watch the Samsung 200MP video. first - a cat video. sometimes it feels like 50% of the content on the internet are funny cat videos ;-) They grab the image using a high quality lens on the evalboard. I would guess this lens will beat the plastic lens (which are of surprising quality - I do not want to devalue them...) in the pink smartphone of the "cat lady" by far in terms of MTF etc. But even this lens will not be able to resolve the 0.7 (or what is it?) micron of the sensor. In the end 100 images get grabbed of which 10 are sent over whatsapp as 0.5MP images... This sensors are fascinating in terms of technology but in the end 95% of its technological properties are not used - its just for marketing, the smartphones get sold because the people think they have something special because of the 200MP...

  2. I was under the impression that megapixel wars were a thing of the past. I wonder which applications will benefit from this 200MP smartphone camera. (I remember watching a news channel in India a few years ago which made a big deal about how all their "on the ground" reporting was captured using Samsung smartphones on tripods.)

  3. more pixel then sell more sensors...

  4. I can't wait to make gigapixel smartphone images of my cat...

  5. Increasing resolution is fine with pixel shrink. Most probably it's marketing and low value, but ok pixel shrink.
    Then storing each pixel value in a jpeg file is not shrinking, then it's not helping humankind neither our planet health.
    Once we should compute CO2 and water consumption per image, increasing for no value!
    It's great when tech does valuable improvements.

  6. They sell higher pixel count can improve digital zoom, but what's the reasonable limit?

  7. Samsung has published details about the 200MP sensor 'Isocell HP3' (@Atul: probably worth a post?): or here in the press release:
    0.56u pixel, 16320x12288 on 9.2x6.9mm, 10bit adc, i think 'tetra2pixel' means that 4x4 pixel have the same color filter.


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