Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Arducam's New ToF Camera Module for Embedded Applications

- Real-time point cloud and depth map.
- Resolution: 240x180@30fps on RPI4/CM4
- Up to 4M measuring distance
- Onboard 940nm laser for both indoor & outdoor uses, no external light source needed.
- V4L2-based video kernel device
- C/C++/Python SDK for userland depth map output and example source code
- ROS ready
- 38 x 38mm board size

Kickstarter link:


  1. any idea what the sensor is? direct ToF or indirect ToF?

  2. It’s iToF, the specs on their website include the modulation frequency.

    1. Thanks, indeed, the modulation frequencies give it away, and also the sensor output includes raw data of the four frames of the phase differences.

  3. In order to be legally sold in the US, a laser operated device has to have its paperwork showing its various modes and laser profiles, integration times and so forth filed with the FDA. Has this HK company done that? Because if they haven't, they can't legally distribute it. The pictures also don't show a cover over the VCSEL, meaning by definition it is not safe by FDA rules. Maybe they will get there, perhaps they won't. In Europe CE includes laser safety rules, so there is that for that region.

    Now of course they can say "we are not eye certified" (Laser Class 4), which means whoever receives it is then responsible for laser certifying THEIR device (and technically should wear eye goggles when working on it). Either way there is open liability here until someone files, and maybe someone not doing their homework in an effort to make a quick buck.

  4. This seems to have a close resemblance (both in spec. and look) to the Sony iToF module (with IMX316 sensor) that was previously used in smartphones.


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