Wednesday, September 14, 2022

[Video] Smartphones vs. cameras over time

 Video asks if smartphones have replaced cameras:



  1. I actually think this is a disingenuous comparison, mainly because to this day a high end camera and a high end smart phone are not used for the same purposes. They are different tools with different histories and different priorities. while smart phones do contain imaging capabilities, this is only one aspect that drives their sales volume. They also do calls, internet usage, calendars, email etc. To be comparable the smart phone sales volume would need to be normalised to the same function as film and digital cameras.

    This also doesn't account for the fact that most people in the west have a smart phone but the same cannot be said for people that actively pursue photography as an art, profession or hobby.

    These videos are interesting, but the background data, in this case sales/annum, does need to be suitably normalised for it to have any meaning. I bet that a vast number of those smart phone sales are driven by people less interested in cameras, the overall 2 year refresh rate of contracts vs longer time investment for an SLR and the multitude of other functionalities present in smart phones.

    1. The visualisation of the massive drop in sales of cameras as the phones appeared, similar to the drop in sales of film cameras when digital cameras appeared is what is shown. Most people do no longer buy a still camera, they buy a phone for the same purpose.


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