Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Lynred IR's new industrial site

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Lynred breaks ground on new €85M industrial site for infrared technologies

 Named Campus, Lynred’s new state-of-the-art industrial facility will meet growing market demand for advanced infrared technologies, notably for automotive sector, whilst bolstering French industrial sovereignty in field
Company’s production capacity set to undergo 50% increase by 2025; 100% by 2030
Grenoble, France, May 10, 2023 – Lynred, a leading global provider of high-quality infrared detectors for the aerospace, defense and commercial markets, today announces breaking ground on its new €85 million ($93.7M) industrial site to produce state-of-the-art infrared technologies. This is the biggest construction investment that the company has undertaken since it began manufacturing in 1986.
The project is financed by loans from the CIC bank and Bpifrance.
Lynred will double its current cleanroom footprint, totaling 8,200 m2 (88,264 ft2), primarily to meet two strategic objectives:
 Obtain an optimal cleanroom cleanliness classification for its new high-performance products (hybrid detectors)
 Increase the production capacity for its more compact industrial products (bolometers) used in multiple fields, including the automotive industry
This substantial investment will consolidate Lynred’s positioning as European market leader in infrared detection. It enables the company to play a key role within the European defense industrial and technological base, innately woven into strengthening French and European forces, for whom infrared detection is hugely important. With this, Lynred takes a step up in responding to the French government’s call to reorient European industry towards a ‘rearmament economy’ (FR).
To mark the ground breaking on May 10, Jean-Fran├žois Delepau, chairman of Lynred, planted a holm oak tree.
“I am delighted to see our state-of-the-art industrial site come to life, consolidating our position as the second largest infrared detector manufacturer in the world. This will enable us to respond to growing market demand for next-generation infrared technologies, including in the automotive sector. It will allow us to contribute to bolstering France’s industrial sovereignty and, more generally, to improve our overall industrial performance. Above all, I wish to thank the Lynred teams involved in this major undertaking, as well as all our partners who have supported us, in particular our shareholders, Thales and Safran. Lynred is embarking on a new strategic pathway, both in terms of technology and dynamic growth,” said Mr Delepau.
The buildings are due for completion in the first trimester of 2025 and the site will be fully operational by the following October. This state-of-the-art industrial facility will comprise 8,200 m2 (88,264 ft2) of interconnected cleanrooms (twice the current surface area), 3,400 m2 (36,600ft2) of laboratories, a 2,300 m2 (24,756 ft2) logistics area, and a tertiary and technical area measuring 10,800 m2 (11,625 ft2).
Lynred is looking to increase its production capacity by 50% by 2025, in particular for its bolometer products, with a view to doubling capacity by 2030.
With these new cleanrooms the company will house all of its French production lines in a single location. This will enable synergies amongst core competencies and optimize production flows.
The new buildings will be located on the current Lynred site in Veurey-Voroize, situated within the Grenoble area. They have been designed to ensure optimized energy management and environmental performance: even with 13,600 m2 (146,400 ft2) under construction, the volume of permeable surface will increase. The company will decrease its carbon footprint by 33% and will install 1,800 m2 (19,375 ft2) of solar panels. Moreover, the site will accommodate an additional 320 trees and more than 100 charging stations for electric vehicles (cars and bicycles) will be put in place, with more cycle parking added.
About Lynred
Lynred and its subsidiaries, Lynred USA and Lynred Asia-Pacific, are global leaders in designing and manufacturing high quality infrared technologies for aerospace, defense and commercial markets. It has a vast portfolio of infrared detectors that covers the entire electromagnetic spectrum from near to very far infrared. The Group’s products are at the center of multiple military programs and applications. Its IR detectors are the key component of many top brands in commercial thermal imaging equipment sold across Europe, Asia and North America. Lynred is the leading European manufacturer for IR detectors deployed in space.



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