Wednesday, May 03, 2023

Videos du Jour [onsemi, Sony, Melexis]

CMOS Image Sensor Layers at a Glance

The onsemi CMOS Image Sensor Wafer consists of the following layers:
• Microlens Array—Small lenses that collect and focus light onto light-sensitive areas of the sensor.
• Color Filter Array (CFA)—Mosaic of tiny color filters placed over the pixel sensors of an image sensor to capture color information.
• Photodiode—Semiconductor that converts light into an electrical current.
• Pixel Transistors—Transistors provide gain or bugger [sic, typo "buffer"?] of electrical charge from the photodiode.
• Bond Layer—Connects the Active Pixel Array to the ASIC layer
• ASIC—Logic layer for features such as error correction, memory for multi-exposures, cores for cybersecurity, hardware blocks for functional safety, and high-speed I/O.

tinyML Summit 2023: Deploying Visual AI Solutions in the Retail Industry

Mark HANSON , VP of Technology and Business Innovation, Sony Semiconductor Solutions of America
An image sensor with AI-processing capability is a novel architecture that is pushing vision AI closer to the edge to enable applications at scale. Today many AI applications stall in the PoC stage and never reach commercial deployment to solve real-world problems because existing systems lack simplicity, flexibility, affordability, and commercial-grade reliability. We’ll investigate why the retail industry struggles to keep track of stock on its retail shelves while relying on retail employees to manually monitor stock and how our (AITRIOS) vision AI application for on-shelf-availability can eliminate complexity and inefficiency at scale.


Melexis: Automotive in-cabin face recognition and anti-spoofing AI using 3D time-of-flight camera

In this demo, we demonstrate in-cabin face recognition and anti-spoofing AI using a 3D time-of-flight camera. Please contact us for more information.

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  1. "bugger of electrical charge from the photodiode"? Will have to learn more about this technique...


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