Monday, October 23, 2023

Gpixel introduces 5MP and 12MP MIPI-enabled CIS

Gpixel adds MIPI-enabled 5 MP and 12 MP NIR Global Shutter image sensors to popular GMAX family

October 18, 2023, Changchun, China: Gpixel announces the pin-compatible GMAX3405 and
GMAX3412 CMOS image sensors - both based on a high-performance 3.4 μm charge domain global
shutter pixel to complete its c-mount range of GMAX products. With options for read out via either
LVDS or MIPI channels, these new sensors are optimized for easy integration into cost-sensitive
applications in machine vision, industrial bar code reading, logistics, and traffic.

GMAX3405 provides a 2448(H) x 2048(V), 5 MP resolution in a 2/3” optical format. In 10-bit mode,
reading out through all 12 pairs of LVDS channels, the frame rate is over 164 fps. In 12-bit mode,
100 fps can be achieved. Using the 4 MIPI D-PHY channels, the maximum frame rate is 73 fps with
a 12-bit depth. GMAX3412 provides a 4096(H) x 3072(V), 12 MP resolution in a 1.1” optical format.
In 10-bit mode, reading out through all 16 pairs of LVDS channels, the frame rate is over 128 fps.
In 12-bit mode, 60 fps can be achieved. Using the 4 MIPI D-PHY channels, the maximum frame rate
is 30 fps with a 12-bit depth. In both sensors, various multiplexing options are available for both
LVDS and MIPI readout to reduce the number of lanes.

 The 3.4 μm charge-domain global shutter pixel achieves a full well capacity of 10 ke- and noise of
3.6 e- at default x1 PGA gain, down to 1.5 e- at max gain setting (x16), delivering up to 68.8 dB
linear dynamic range. The advanced pixel design and Red Fox technology combined brings a peak
QE of 75% @ 540 nm, a NIR QE of 33% @850 nm , a Parasitic Light Sensitivity of -88 dB and an
excellent angular response of > 15° @ 80% response. All of this combined with multislope HDR
mode and ultra-short exposure time modes down to 1 us.

“The GMAX family was originally known for the world’s first 2.5 μm global shutter pixel. As the
product family grows, we are leveraging the advanced technology that makes the 2.5 μm pixel
possible to bring more generous light sensitivity with larger pixel sizes fitting mainstream optical
formats. With the addition of the MIPI interface and pin-compatibility and excellent NIR response,
these 2 new models bring more flexibility and cost-effectiveness to the GMAX product family.” says
Wim Wuyts, Gpixel’s Chief Commercial Officer.

Both GMAX3405 and GMAX3412 are housed in 176 pin ceramic LGA packages, both being pin-
compatible to each other. The outer dimensions of the 5MP and 12MP sensors respectively are
17.60 mm x 15.80 mm and 22.93 mm x 19.39 mm. The LGA pad pattern is optimized for reliable
solder connections and the sensor assembly includes a double-sided AR coated cover glass lid.

Engineering samples of both products, in both color and monochrome variants, can be ordered
today for delivery in November 2023. For more information about Gpixel’s roadmap of products
for industrial imaging, please contact to arrange for an overview.

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  1. Apart from global shutter... is there any offering for high res rolling shutter CIS with small pixels for industrial use? something like the 'state of the art' 100+MP mobile CIS with 0.6u ish pixels (like shown here:, but with CRA=0deg microlens for telecentric lens and without color filters, and with a lifetime of 10+ years? It is maybe rather exotic, most industrial usecases will require global shutter... But it seems there is 0 offering for this niche where many small pixels are a benefit and rolling shutter can be tolerated. I think it should be rather little effort for a CIS vendor to put a mobile CIS to a industrial roadmap and produce a few batches of wafers with 0deg CRA microlens and without putting the colorfilters?


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