Friday, October 31, 2008

Kodak CMOS Sales Start in 2H 2009

Seeking Alpha publishes Kodak Q3 2008 earning call transcript. One of the questions adresses CMOS image sensor sales targets:

Joan Lappin - Gramercy Capital:

So when do you think that significant sales of these CMOS sensors could -- I thought the original target was the second half of next year. Are we able to stick with that target as to when the CMOS sensors start to become a revenue and earnings contributor? Or must we--

Antonio Perez, CEO:

That is the target that we put for ourselves for a significant increase in volume. And that still is the target, Joan.

Joan Lappin - Gramercy Capital:

Okay. So you haven't had to -- no alterations in that.

Antonio Perez:



To me this sounds like Joan is a bit skeptical about Kodak being able to achieve its sales target.


  1. probably, Kodak wants to buy ST's sensor BU.
    Kodak has the deal with Nokia and ST is Nokia's main sensor supplier.

  2. Me too have heard this rumor about Kodak and ST. It makes a lot of sense for ST to get rid of troubled unit. However, I'm less sure about Kodak benefits. Kodak is fabless in CIS, and probably remains such. So Kodak gets ST design team and use what foundry, ST or TSMC? I believe having 65-90nm production in Europe is quite expensive. Transferring ST's design to TSMC is also expensive, time consuming and risky. And what with ST camera module business? Can it compete with Chinese, Taiwanese and Korean module makers?

    All in all, I don't believe it's a good idea for Kodak.

  3. Kodak is in this for the long run. Buying ST will help them establish their new Pan-chromatic color array as a market standard.

  4. Pan-chromatic color array is getting more support in any case. Toshiba presented its own version on the recent ISSCC. Other companies are considering it as well.


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