Wednesday, October 08, 2008

BYD Enters CIS Business

Rumors that huge Chinese conglomerate BYD enters CIS business have been circulating for a long time now. The first published indication I was able to see is BYD patent application filed in the European PO (freepatentsonline).

BYD has started a 13 years ago from car battery business, then continued on to mobile phone batteries, then to whole mobile phones, then to camera phone modules with sensors from others and now going to CIS business.

By the way, anybody knows what BYD stands for? May be a joke, but I was told it's "Bring Your Dollars".


  1. If so, then I would have been better to call it (taking into account the exchange rate Euro-Dollar) : BYE, Bring Your Euros.

    Albert T.

  2. BYD stands for "Bi Ya Di", the company full name spelled in Chinese way, no specical meaning, i think.

    BTW, another Chinese CIS company, Rui Xin, its name means "sharp chip" in Chinese.

  3. BYD stands for "Build Your Dreams"


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