Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Caltech Sues 6 Companies over CIS Patents

Pasadena Star reports that Caltech is suing Canon USA, Sony Corp., Nikon Inc., Olympus America, Panasonic Corp. and Samsung Electronics Co. for infringing on JPL-Caltech imaging patents.
In dpreview forum Eric Fossum quotes Law360 article that the six patents at issue are:
  1. U.S. Patent Number 5,990,506, titled Active Pixel Sensors with Substantially Planarized Color Filtering Elements;
  2. U.S. Patent Number 6,456,326, titled Single Chip Camera Having Double Sampling Operation;
  3. U.S. Patent Number 6,549,235, titled Single Substrate Camera Device with CMOS Image Sensor;
  4. U.S. Patent Number 6,555,842, titled Active Pixel Sensor with Intra-pixel Charge Transfer;
  5. U.S. Patent Number 6,570,617, titled CMOS Active Pixel Sensor Type Imaging System on a Chip;
  6. U.S. Patent Number 6,744,068, titled Active Pixel Sensor with Intra-pixel Charge Transfer.

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