Wednesday, October 01, 2008

SiliconHive Partners with Acutelogic

Video/Imaging Design Line: A partnership of Silicon Hive and Acutelogic spawned a new family of HiveGo programmable camera imaging subsystems (CSS) for SoC manufacturers in the mobile phone and consumer electronics space.

The three initial products offered as licensable IP are:
  • HiveGo CSS 3016J which targets DSC, DVC and UMPC cameras, incorporates Silicon Hive's 3rd generation HiveFlex ISP 2300 scalable SIMD processor, a control processor, and accelerators for filters, scaling, smooth digital zoom, and distortion correction. The hardware configuration yields ultra-high quality still capture at up to 260 Mega Pixels per second, or 16MP at 15 frames per second (fps) 'on the fly,' or capturing and processing HD video streams at 1080p 60fps. Camera input formats such as SMIA-CCP2 and MIPI-CS12 are supported. Robust GPIO connections for camera systems controls such as lens, focus, and flash are included.
  • HiveGo CSS 3012J targets high quality imaging demands of mobile Internet devices (MIDs). The mid product performs still capture at up to 200 Megal Pixels/sec or 12 MP at 15 fps.
  • HiveGo CSS 3108J targets high-volume smart phones, performing still capture at up to 130 Mega Pixels/sec or 8 MP images at 15 fps.

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