Thursday, October 16, 2008

Omnivision Secures TSMC and PSC Capacity

Digitimes reports that Omnivision is in talks with TSMC and PSC to secure wafer capacity in 2009 to help it further expand market share, according to the paper's sources in Taiwan's wafer foundry industry.

Digitimes says that Omnivision is the top vendor of image sensors in the notebook and handset segments. OmniVision is not being complacent and the company has been trying to grab as much as the global market share through capacity support from foundry companies in addition to continuing product innovation, the sources indicated.

Digitimes sources think that Aptina in its push to expand its capacity is likely to approach TSMC and PSC, as they are the two Taiwan-based foundry services companies that have more production capacity and manufacturing expertise in the production of CMOS image sensors. OmniVision aims to stymie Aptina's efforts to build up business relations with TSMC or PSC through its strengthened cooperation with the two companies, speculated the sources.

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