Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Himax Imaging Ships First Products in 2009

For the first time since March 2009 I found Himax tells something about its image sensor business progress. The company mentions in its Q4 2009 and Full Year results: "we commenced shipments of our ... CMOS image sensor product lines ... in small quantities initially, we believe the commercial shipment is paving the way for us to tap the great market potential in ... emerging segments.

In addition, we made inroads into the leading-edge wafer level optics, which are expected to replace the conventional lens, starting with lower resolution camera modules. Currently, we offer products with VGA and 2 mega pixel resolutions, mainly focusing on cell phones and Notebook PCs. Our wafer level optics have been well-received by a number of the world's first-tier CMOS image sensor and camera module makers.

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