Friday, May 14, 2010

Samsung Mysterious DSLR Sensor with Pseudo-Multi Sample Readout

K-Rumors published a mysterious story about new Samsung sensor for DSLR, the S5K1N2. The 14.2MP APS-C imager features Pseudo-Multi Sample (P-MS) circuit coupled with column-parallel dual slope ADC. The readout is said to support Multi-Sample mode and deliver 10.7fps at full resolution through its 8 outputs. The video mode is full HD 1080p/60fps. The sensor is based on 5.1um pixels.

Thanks to A. for sending me the link!


  1. They presented a similarly named paper in ISSCC 2010 and AT's comments on it can be found here :

  2. Interesting developement. Maybe for the first time a new Samsung APS-C sized sensor provides superior image quality to it's predecessors :)

  3. Samsung is pushing the CMOS sensor design and development and it wouldn´t be the only one.
    Samsung Semiconductor website:

    There is listed a new CMOS sensor, a 1/2.33" (4400x3300) 14.5MPx and 15fps. It is the S5K2N1Y and is the only Samsung CMOS sensor with that chip size.
    It is listed how: Under Development and surely would be the BSI CMOS sensor announced for digital cameras and mobile phone the last year, here is the news...



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