Saturday, May 15, 2010

OmniBSI-2 Promotional Video

A promotional OmniBSI-2 video appeared at Youtube:

Among many general PR statements there is an interesting performance comparison graph in the video, although QE numbers on the right look out of sync with the graph:

Update: The above graphs present comparison for the same pixel size, as said in video.


  1. A very good presentation !

  2. So does this mean they think it's ready this time?

  3. It'll be ready, there is no doute !

  4. The excerpted chart triggers my "All-BS-Information" detector. :D

    Seriously, there are only 9 data points. I would find it more informative to see the actual QE and well capacity figures for the various generations, and the low-light performance figures along with at least some indication of what the low-light performance metric is.

    PS My apologies in advance if, by criticizing a successful American company, I have inadvertently insulted the honor of marketers, American marketers, all Americans, or America itself. :D

  5. @ " I would find it more informative to see the actual QE and well capacity figures for the various generations "

    It appears they tried to present a technology, rather than a product. So, these graphs are normalized "for the same pixel size".

  6. Appears to be a higher performance pixel size for size. With 65 nm feature size, the support circuitry should shrink by half. Overall smaller chip size for a given resolution means lower cost (price) image sensors.
    Who can compete with BSI for performance and 65 nm for low cost on the same chip?

  7. @CDM: The low light performance metric is just SNR. They find a 190% increase in this metric. You can do this by decreasing read noise alone. Since they show the 67% increase in QE, we know the rest has to come from lower read noise. If the story is more complex, they include color filtering, which means crosstalk is lower. In the end, they wouldn't be able to satisfy everyone no matter how they presented it. Few engineers like this kind of marketing.

  8. I liked the TrueFocus video that the world was standing on its head 800 years for better than the BIS video that has turned the world upside down.

    btw: What happened to Wave Front Coding TrueFocus?


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