Monday, May 24, 2010

inSilica Status

ISP IP vendor inSilica's web site has died. inSilica used to have one of the best ISP design teams split between Slovenia and India. Web snapshots of the site show that it was alive at the end of April.

Incidentally, Linked-In records show that a number of inSilica employees located both in Slovenia and in India have all started to work for Aptina since March 2010 (India-1, India-2, India-3, Slovenia-1, Slovenia-2, Slovenia-3). Also, one of Linked-In recommendations says that Aptina worked with Insilica "on a key new product" for more than 14 months.

It would be great if somebody can shed a light on what happened with inSilica.

Update: As said in comments, Aptina has acquired inSilica assets, including its India and Slovenia teams.


  1. I have heard in fact that Aptina essentially bought InSilica

  2. I wonder for how much ?
    also, I did not see any annoucment, so what about the previouse InSilica customsrs ?

  3. Good work ISW. Aptina did in fact acquire certain assets from InSilica this spring, including talented design teams in Slovenia and India. We are in agreement with ISW that InSilica’s ISP team was one of the best and is going to nicely compliment Aptina’s ISP team that has been putting out market leading SOC’s for years. Stay tuned for some exciting new products from these teams…hopefully we can announce them before ISW does…


  4. Marty, this was a wise acquisition! My congratulations!


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