Thursday, May 27, 2010

Aptina WDR Sensor Features in Bar Code Reader

Business Wire: Code Corporation announces that its new CR8000 bar code reader features Aptina's MT9M033 WDR image sensor. Code began collaborating with Aptina on its new product during the summer of 2009. “We had very strict product requirements, and the Aptina MT9M033 was the clear choice in meeting the needs of our product roadmap for the next five to seven years,” said Garrett Russell, VP of Marketing for Code Corporation - It's nice to see such a loyal customer.


  1. i wonder if they looked at omnivision's wdr product? i guess if they did they must have felt it was inferior to aptina's.

    thanks for the post. i love this blog.

  2. Does Omnivision have monochrome WDR product?


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