Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Viimagic Spins Off From Thomson

On March 24 a new image sensor company was founded - Viimagic GmbH, based in Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany. Here is the company story:

"In September 2009, Thomson made the strategic decision to close down its Villingen location and to cease CMOS image sensor operations at Thomson. The former CISCA team (CMOS Image Sensor for Cameras) had several meetings to discuss the situation and quickly agreed that this promising business area should continue in Villingen.

After various talks within the Group, with Thomson, with Thomson’s internal customers and management, it was decided that the system leader’s wealth of experience would be transferred to a new spin-off company: viimagic GmbH. Thomson is a minority shareholder in the new company and ensures that the innovative viimagic sensors will continue to be used in the cameras of the Grass Valley company, which is also a member of the Group. The development contract with Grass Valley was concluded in January.

Thomson’s customer base was adopted in full. The first 2/3-inch HDTV image sensors for professional HDTV cameras and sophisticated industrial and medical applications were delivered at the beginning of February. Further products are set to follow in the near future.

The newly founded company announced that it has bought 1.25Gbps Mixel SerDes IP (Business Wire).

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