Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Etron Achieves 50% Market Share in Webcam Controllers

Digitimes: Etron's eSP258 and eSP268 low-cost webcam controllers allowed the company to take a more than 50% share of the PC camera market in China, Taiwan and Asia.

The eSP258 features a small die area, while the eSP268 has a built-in OTP. Etron has developed a firmware architecture for its webcam controllers, which allows customers to re-program their settings onto a built-in OTP memory without external EEPROM or SPI flash.

Etron has expanded its portfolio with the eSP568, a new webcam controller series that inherits all features of its previous generations, such as built-in OTP, LDO, etc., and also incorporates a built-in audio ADC/AGC to enable audio and video operation on one chip.

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