Friday, September 03, 2010

BSI Sensor Shipments to Reach 33.4M This Year, BSI Adoption Driven by iPhone 4

iSuppli: Shipments of BSI sensors for mid- to high-end smart handsets are projected to reach 33.4 million units in 2010, up from virtually nil last year. The market will continue to post sizable increases during the next four years and rise almost tenfold to over 300 million units by 2014, consumer electronics research from iSuppli indicates.

“With Apple tending to shape trends, handset OEMS are likely to follow suit and incorporate enhanced cameras with BSI image sensors,” said Pamela Tufegdzic, analyst for consumer electronics at iSuppli. “BSI sensors will first see utilization in high-end mobile handsets, and then gradually make their way into the camera phones of lower-cost feature handsets as the price of BSI sensors comes down.”

By 2014, approximately 75 percent of mid- to higher-end smart phones will include BSI sensors—a huge leap from the 14 percent projected for the end of this year, she noted.

The startling growth of BSI sensors is completely in line with the robust, double-digit expansion projected this year for the overall area image sensor market as it recovers from the economic downturn and also penetrate new applications. Area image sensor shipments in 2010 will hit 1.7 billion units, up 20 percent from 1.4 billion units in 2009, with revenue during the same period climbing to $6.9 billion, up from $5.9 billion.

The fortunes of CCDs continue to decline, iSuppli’s consumer electronics research shows. By 2014, CCD sensor shipments will be off by nearly half of their levels in 2008, with the market inexorably heading in the direction of CMOS image sensors.


  1. sony, samsung and toshiba all have bsi right now, aptina's working on it, and ovt is selling it into the phone market. the spread of bsi has already started and will result in better, more affordable cameras for consumers across the board. i don't think any companies will profit from it for very long because of competitive pressures resulting from everyone having this technology.

  2. Can you point me to where I could find a Samsung or Toshiba BSI? As far as I can see only Sony and OVT have product in the market today. And only OVT has BSI in mobile phones.

  3. links



    although it may not be apparent to some here, as a businessman, i would prefer to sell higher margin, more expensive product (dslr, dsc, camcorder) than cheap low cost crap for phones like ovt.

  4. I heard ovt has some patents related to bsi. Is it true?

  5. Aptina is going to sink, they don't have BSI yet, and they are stuck with Micron fabs resulting in nil expansion

  6. How about STM in this course, please ?

  7. yes. stm is working with soitec. excellent joint venture. and for the person mentioning aptina, you are ignorant. aptina was number 1 in the cmos image sensor space last year based on revenues according to yole. and you can deal with sensitivity in 1.4um fsi pixel designs and up using their apix technology based on light pipes. bsi is not the only way to skin the cat as ovt would have you think.

    thank god ovt did not bomb out with bsi like it did with wavefront coding and cameracube technology.

  8. I think it is funny that Isuppli credits Apple with shaping trends on BSI, unless somehow BSI was developed solely to supply Apple.

    I think even Aptina will need to go to BSI for 1.1 um pixels, whenever 1.1 um hits the market for real. Seems the pixel shrink race has cooled considerably, which is good for all of us to catch our breath.

  9. The trend chart needs a caption from McDonalds:
    "Billions and Billions Served"

  10. Very often I think that MacDonads is more lucrative than the CIS business ... at least they don't need to invest huge money to develop things such as BSI.

  11. "low cost crap"? geez, what is with all the ovt hate around here? or do i smell sour grape?

  12. You can credit in large part Howard Rhodes and the RD group at TSMC as well as some other fine individuals within OVT. They were set on developing real products and have done a great job developing and delivering at the same time. Don't knock OVT for the wavefront coding. You should knock the company they acquired.

  13. "knock the company they acquired"...
    So, OVT was tricked into the acquisition and subsequent PR campaign. I don't think so.

    "They were set on developing real products "...
    I guess OVT is the only company with this intention.

    No wonder OVT is a company so easy to hate.

  14. <"low cost crap"? geez, what is with all the ovt hate around here? or do i smell sour grape?>

    That's erickarr, he's about a half bubble off plumb.

  15. "That's erickarr, he's about a half bubble off plumb. "

    what do you exactly please ???


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