Thursday, September 30, 2010

First Mobile Phone 3D Processor Announced

EETimes, Electronics Weekly: Irish start-up Movidius announced Myriad 3D, its mobile 3D imaging and video platform. While many others work on it, Myriad 3D is claimed to be the first 3D platform allowing handset designers to easily produce a new generation of 3D-enabled smartphones. The first product in the Myriad 3D platform range is the MA1133 co-processor, capable of a range of 3D functions: preview, capturing and processing user generated 3D video and images on a mobile phone; converting any 2D video to 3D in real time, and upscaling and playback of content in HD. It employs an eight core 32-bit floating point processor with the equivalent of 20GFLOPS performance.

Movidius will demonstrate the technology at CES in January. In May Movidius rased $7.5M in series B round, bringing the total investment to $20.5M (EETimes).


  1. this will go into the baseband soc ? or can it be separate chip

  2. "converting any 2D video to 3D" funny.
    "converting any 2D video to 3D in real time" .. is ROFL :)

  3. 3D information can be extracted from a 2D video by using motion parallax.

  4. I know my friend.. but it's ill-posed problem..
    very hard problem when you have "any 2D video" = high noise video captured with mobile device.


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