Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Invisage Won Wall Street Journal 2010 Technology Innovation Award

Market Wire: Invisage won The Wall Street Journal 2010 Technology Innovation Award in the semiconductors category. John M. Leger, a Journal news editor who oversees the Innovation Awards, said: "Judges were very impressed with InVisage's QuantumFilm technology. It should open up a lot of new applications in a variety of consumer products."

"Our drive to innovate, to find solutions outside the existing image-sensor model is what led us to look beyond traditional silicon," said Jess Lee, CEO, InVisage Technologies. "QuantumFilm is poised to become the de-facto next generation camera platform. We are honored to be so prestigiously recognized for our efforts by The Wall Street Journal."

The Wall Street Journal received nearly 600 entries, with only 8% receiving this award.


  1. What is this Award telling us ? The quality of the marketing behind Invisage or the quality of their technology ..... ?

  2. Mr. Bernard Matoff has won this kind of prizes too :)

  3. Congratulations to Invisage! While I have many concerns about the noise, dark current, manufacturability, etc., it is rather innovative and they have come a long way. I think this is fully deserved at this point in time.

    If Jess Lee can just tone down the rhetoric and get the buy-in of the image sensor technologist community by supplying real data, it would go a long way to getting to his "defacto" dream.

  4. The buy in from the technologist community doesn't do much for the defacto dream.


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