Saturday, June 25, 2011

e2v and Thales Alenia Space Sign Two Contracts Totalling €4M

e2v signed two contracts worth a total of €4M with Thales Alenia Space, for the supply of CCDs to equip the High-Resolution (HR) optical imaging instruments for Earth observation satellites: for Göktürk satellite system for the Turkish Ministry of Defence and for Seosat-Ingenio, the first Spanish Earth observation satellite.

The sensors will be delivered over a 2 year period from July 2011.


  1. last CCD batch ??

  2. How long has it been since people have started to predict the end of CCDs? I bet we will still see this for more years to come.

  3. Well I think that the reasons behind this prediction are not the same. Today the reason is that this kind of Fab cannot be economically viable seen the production scale. All the players are looking for CMOS counterpart.

  4. For space applications, CCDs still rule. Mostly due to historic reasons/ space and radiation qualification. They are very reluctant to change existing mature availibility.


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