Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hynix News

In what looks like a flashback to early 2000s, Hynix announced Hi-QD1, a 1/13-inch QVGA SoC based on 3.2um pixels. Customer samples are available now and volume production will be started in July while its validation tests are going well at major chipset makers. The article says: "With launching this Hi-QD1, Hynix steps into a good business opportunity of CMOS image sensor market." To me this sounds like a production of some Siliconfile's old product has been moved from Dongbu to Hynix fab.

Sys-Con Media: In an unrelated news, Scalado announced that Hynix has licensed its SpeedTags technology. It will now be integrated with Hynix's image sensor products in order to help manage the larger files produced by the latest high-resolution image sensors.

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