Wednesday, June 22, 2011

InVisage Receives I3A VISION 2020 Imaging Innovation Gold Award

Marketwire: InVisage announced that its QuantumFilm technology has received the International Imaging Industry Association's (I3A) VISION 2020 Imaging Innovation's top gold award. The PR says:

"QuantumFilm is the world's first quantum dot-based material for image sensors and enables four times the amount of light to be captured. This allows camera phones and other small form factors to take photographs of unprecedented quality.

This award is particularly important because the VISION 2020 judges are the world's top imaging experts who have an intimate understanding of the technology and the market. The announcement was made during the 6Sight Mobile Imaging Summit event taking place in San Jose this week.

"The QuantumFilm technology is clearly a technological advance that will have significant impact on the industry for many years to come," said I3A President Lisa Walker.


  1. My God, they are already in 2020 now!!!! We are 9 years behind them.

  2. I wonder who the world's top imaging experts and VISION 2020 judges were? I wonder if they were at IISW? I didn't meet any there to the best of my knowledge.

    I will be excited to see some actual data on the QF devices. I do like the idea of a short absorption length.

  3. "...and enables four times the amount of light to be captured"
    Such statements will certainly help to convince the world's top imaging experts

  4. Yes, they may exist in 2020; quantum mechanics allows that, so by extension quantum devices and designs.

    To Eric's point, observing the devices should bring them back to our time, as well as bringing the performance to real levels.

    I propose all non-observed performance claims should be qualified with a probability or some kind of wave number.

  5. we can question a lot on the technical credibility of I3A.


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