Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Toshiba Iwate Image Sensor Fab Info

I've just discovered that Toshiba Iwate has its own web site. This image sensor and camera module fab is located close to the earthquake area and was able to restore partial production only a month after the disaster, on April 18.

Talking about Toshiba Iwate milestones, the first image sensor was shipped in March 2010, just a year before the Great earthquake. The message from Toshiba Iwate president says that nowadays the fab produces both CCD and CMOS sensors and "provide[s] foundry services to non-Toshiba companies using our specialized technologies and processes.

For imaging devices for example, chip scale camera module (CSCM) products installed in mobile phone cameras are manufactured using one of our core technologies called the TCV technology. This technology allows reduction of the camera module product volume to 64%, and we believe it will allow a wider selection of applications to be installed.

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