Monday, August 26, 2013

Canon Dual-Pixel AF Features in Camera Museum

Canon publishes more explanations and figures on the dual-pixel AF on EOS 70D page in its Canon Camera Museum:

Dual-pixel AF iteration-free operation vs contrast AF
Dual-pixel AF sensor
Dual pixel AF operation principle


  1. The phase-detect side of this 70D sensor should provide a very high resolution set of data about depth in the image, right?
    Would it be possible to construct a depth image using this? What resolution would it have? And how accurate would that depth info be? (I know it's pretty accurate around the focusing distance, but is it still so for stuff that's out of focus? And if not, do you get any kind of useful info if you try to compensate that by going deep DoF?)

    Samuel H

  2. for depth sensing - see the panasonic paper on ISSCC 2013 session on image sensors. They placed 2 pixels under one microlens for purpose of depth sensing.

  3. this is the paper: A 3D Vision 2.1Mpixel Image Sensor for Single-Lens Camera Systems

  4. Interesting, thanks.


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