Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Heptagon Ships One Billion Units

Just 2.5 years ago Heptagon announced it has shipped 100M camera module lenses. Now the company reports reaching a new milestone - it has shipped more than one billion units to OEM customers. The company, which is headquartered in Singapore, includes among its customers some of the largest makers of smart phones and tablets in the world. The company’s computational imaging cameras and sensing modules are used in smart phones, notebooks and tablets, as well as a broad range of other applications. Its light modules are used for LED flash in smart phones and smart devices, and as miniaturized solutions for infrared beam shaping and supporting gesture control in natural user interfaces, including ToF systems and other motion sensing applications.

In the next twelve months, Heptagon intends to introduce many new products including: dual LED flash systems to enhance image quality; new forms of sensing for industrial imaging; high field of view camera modules; and computational imaging arrays that enable both HD video and megapixel still images.

Heptagon is headquartered in Singapore, its R&D team is located in Zurich, Switzerland; development and manufacturing is in Singapore; customer support services are in Shenzhen, China; and business development, sales and the office of the CTO are in Mountain View, CA.

Heptagon products


  1. I wonder what is the resolution gain they get between th 2x2 and the 4x4.
    It looks like the size is very small. These could not be back facing cameras I think.

  2. Another pelican imaging but where are the fancy fake movies and websites? How do heptagon expect any sales with out Hollywood?


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