Friday, August 23, 2013

sCMOS Sensors in PCO Cameras

PCO presents its application tricks for sCMOS sensors used in pco.edge 5.5 and pco.edge 4.2 cameras, based on 5.5MP and 4.2MP sCMOS sensors respectively, both with 6.5um pixels.

Peltier cooling is used to stabilize temperature to achieve a stable dark signal:

Read noise differs on pixel-by-pixel basis, mainly due to large local variation of 1/f noise and RTN (like in all CMOS sensors):

PRNU and DSNU are reduced "by a sophisticated electronic circuit technology and firmware algorithms." There is also a blinking hot pixel filter:

sCMOS sensor is aiming to replace emCCD in low-light imaging:

While at sCMOS sensors, Hamamatsu recently published a document comparing first and second generation sCMOS sensors. The first generation used 5T pixel with RS and GS modes, while the second generation relies on 4T pixel with RS only. The second generation has a better QE and lower read noise though:

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