Friday, August 23, 2013

London Image Sensors Conference 2014 Announces First Speakers

London, UK, Image Sensors 2014 Conference announced few confirmed speakers:

Albert Theuwissen will lead a workshop "What on earth shall I do with all these pixels?

Juha Alakarhu, head of Nokia camera group, Finland will present a keynote "The Megapixel Story - a decade to 2014 and beyond"

Jun Ohta, Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan will present a keynote "Progress with Artificial Retina Technology and Applications"


  1. How good is this conference, in terms of technical content?
    Will there be any invited talks from major CIS manufacturers (Sony/TSMC/Samsung)?
    How is this different from IISW/ISSCC?

    1. You can see the last year's report here:

    2. The conference is aimed more at managers and users (customers)of image sensors and not image sensor technologist. It is a FOR-PROFIT commercial conference intended to make money for the organizers. The speakers are invited and paid nicely.

      The quality of the meeting is fine for what it is. If you are a technologist, you will be mostly bored, except for talking to the other technologist/speakers.

      I think for the intended audience, the conference has been useful and thus fairly successful.

      This meeting should not be confused at all with the biennial IISW which is for image sensor technologists and operated by the NON-PROFIT, PUBLIC BENEFIT entity, IISS, even if some IISS Directors are hired to give talks or workshop over the years.

    3. I was speaker but not paid at all :(. Have you been paid please?

  2. Whatever the overall goal is, from time to time, there are very interesting stuff, even for a more technology-oriented guy. Nowadays, people pay 99 cents to download a song. I’m just wondering for this kind of conference, would it be possible for people who cannot afford the time, the air ticket, or the registration fee to pay for a nominal fee to download one presentation material after the conference?

  3. Hello, I didn't see this thread at the time of posting, but as the conference organiser I wanted to reply and clarify a few points. Firstly, thank you Eric for your kind words, we are very proud of the event. Indeed, as you say the Image Sensors event is not as deep in technical content as IISW or ISSCC, but is intended to be a balance between technical content and the business aspects of image sensors.

    Our feedback is that attendees gain value from the variety of presentations, catching up with image sensors experts in different fields who they would not usually encounter in their day to day work, and business development opportunities for supply side companies.

    All speakers are selected after review by the programme committee, details of whom you can see on the website (follow the link in the original post). To clarify, speakers are occasionally reimbursed travel expenses, but this is usually limited to academic speakers. It is not our policy to pay commercial organisations or business related speakers to present at the conference.

    Each year the event has a selection of themes, and speakers are selected by the Programme Committee to represent different perspectives on the particular theme, and from companies who have interesting developments recently published, or in the pipeline. These have included and will continue to include the major CIS manufacturers like Aptina, Sony, Omnivision, Samsung etc. as well as smaller organisations.

    We are a commercial entity, and as event professionals we do derive a profit from the event to pay our salaries and other overheads. This event is one of a portfolio of 25 events we run per year. We can only run successful events, however, if our attendees see value in the experience of attending. History tells us this is consistently so, with the audience growing from 65 to 200 and with excellent feedback all round. Our focus is always to provide as much value as possible for the attendees.

    I believe this conference compliments the more technical meetings, and is not intended to be a replacement. If you are curious, please come along and find out. With regards the question about proceedings/presentation downloads, these are usually available to download as a package for a fee of £300+VAT, but I can make individual presentations available too. Please contact me direct at

    Many thanks,


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