Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Aptina Engineers Shot by Aptina Sensors in 448 Megapixels

The Duke Imaging and Spectroscopy Program (DISP) posts a Gigapan snapshot of a of Aptina staff with David Brady (inventor of multi-scale cameras) at Aptina's headquarters in San Jose, taken with 32 Aptina 14MP sensors using the multi-scale camera architecture.

Thanks to SM for the letting me know!


  1. The gigapan page shows the picture size as 0.10 Gigapixels. Perhaps it was cropped.
    David Brady is second from left.

  2. It's a sweet technology, but did not make me any better looking (orange shirt, front and center). JLM

  3. The imaging processing (and/or sensors) aren't that great. Weird saturation in the light colored clothing, very noisy for an outdoor picture, and rather blurry. I can't read name tags or watches. It seems that the optics aren't up to even 0.1Gp.

    Definitely an impressive design effort, but the performance is lacking.

  4. Maybe WB is IP of someone who has not signed cross licensing with Aptina?


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