Saturday, September 28, 2013

STMicro Develops B&W+R Sensor for Automotive

EETimes: STMicroelectronics develops B&W automotive image sensors for ADAS. An interesting feature is that it's able to single-out the red colored details, while everything else is B&W. When asked why red, ST BU director Martin Duncan said, "Red indicates a lot of important information - such as red traffic light, red road signs, brake lights, and tail lights."


  1. Is this kind of BW+R sensor used with an IR cut filter?? Thanks!

  2. That does not make sense. Cyan+White would be better for red detection, not Red+White./

  3. I'd agree that Cyan+White would be more useful for sensitivity and for IR separation but B&W+R has been researched and used for automotive ADAS for about 10 years


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