Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pelican Imaging to Present its PiCam at SIGRAPH Asia 2013

Pelican Imaging publishes a Youtube video with its PiCam presentation, to be presented by the company's co-founder and CTO Kartik Venkataraman at SIGGRAPH Asia in Nov 2013 in Hong Kong:

While we are at Pelican, its lead investor in the recent round, Nokia Growth Partners, published a statement that it's not acquired by Microsoft and stays with Nokia, together with its two latest imaging investments: Pelican Imaging and Invisage.


  1. The technology has potential. The hype is dangerous. I smell another Lytro.

  2. lol.. yes it's all hype.. the depth maps looked like crap..

    1. Depends to what you compare... For Pelican it should be good enough to solve the parallax issues when recovering the colors.

  3. Why are all patches on the mcbeth showing different distances while chart is flat ??? I don't see how this depth solves the low res issue.

  4. How much parallax can there be at the pixel level? I agree this info is useful for some image processing clean-up, I don't think taking a 3D scan 1 meter away ans sending it to a 3D printer is possible (as shown in their video).

  5. Rumors are they don't have any working prototypes.

  6. It seems like the depth map in smooth area have issues. But it might enough for recovering the colors. The issue is, how is this depth map for refocus and 3D?
    Another issue is how is this working with higher noise?

  7. I agree getting a reasonable depth map at any appreciable distance seems difficult given the sensor size. I don't understand how the demonstrated refocusing was achieved given the poor depth map shown in the presentation. It implies either extremely sophisticated scene understanding algorithms, or Photoshop. And without a decent depth map, it seems like a lot of work for not much return vs. a "legacy image sensor."


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