Tuesday, September 03, 2013

LFoundry Avezzano Fab at 40% 60% Capacity

Italian-language blog of employees of LFoundry Avezzano plant (ex-Micron fab) that manufactures image sensors for Aptina is devoted to some employment dispute, apparently. One of the documents dated by Aug. 6, 2013 complains about the low volume of Aptina's orders "Aptina l'impegno di ordini e commesse che assicurano volumi produttivi strutturalmente inferiori di circa il 40% rispetto alla capacità dello stabilimento ed in costante decrescita per cause di tipo strutturale" that Bing translates as "Aptina commitment orders and orders that ensure structurally lower production volumes about 40% of the plant's capacity and in constant decline due to type structure."

As written in comments, the more correct translation is "reasons of structural nature" and "the fab is running 40% lower than capacity (hence, @ 60%)".

I hope that the newer Aptina sensors coming from TSMC are selling better.

Update: Other materials on this site say that the fab employs 1645 people and its running cost is $6M a week.


  1. Hi Vladimir, a small amendment to the translation of the last sentence (but I'm not Italian, so take with a pinch of salt): "and in constant decline due to structural reasons" (or "reasons of structural nature")

  2. The translation is not entirely correct. The blog says that the fab is running 40% lower than capacity (hence, @ 60%).


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